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Eddy the Teddy woke up from his hibernation to share his knowledge about animals around the world. We hope you enjoy these light-hearted and cool facts as we enter the holiday season!

Angela van breemen, editor of the procyon post

by Ed Taccone, also known as Eddy the Teddy.

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Animals can be peculiar at the best of times with their unique idiosyncrasies and strange behaviours. Personally, I have stopped trying to figure people out. Why? To many variables! Animals are much better to study, they are way more consistent. So, sharing what I’ve learned over the years that has been added to that corner of my brain, tells me to pass it on. Here I’d like to highlight a few random animal facts you probably didn’t know about. Or, maybe you do! None the less it’s fun to share along with highlighted comments with a little humour. Enjoy!

 Adult lions pretend to be hurt by the bites of their young to encourage their strength. Like the lady of the house pretending she is not feeling well in order for molly husband to retain household duty skills.

 Rats are not physically capable of vomiting, hence why Rat Poison is so effective – with such traffic consequences to the entire food chain, creating serious illness and death in our birds of prey, foxes and coyotes. So why poison them?

Elephants are the only species of animal other than man known to have rituals around death. Elephants even grieve for non-family members. Truly compassionate.

 Female Koala Bears have three vaginas. I need response from you readers and explain to me why? Nah, I should not keep you in suspense. Koalas, wombats and Tasmanian devils all share the three-vagina structure. The side ones carry sperm to the two uteruses while the middle vagina sends the baby koala (joey) down to the outside world.

 Sloths sometimes mistake their own arms for branches, causing them to fall to their death. That’s disturbing!

 Possums don’t ‘play dead’. They actually pass out from sheer terror when threatened. That’s happened to me when I forget to do the vacuuming.

 Some Green Tree Frogs can be blue or yellow. Blue types lack the yellow pigment and, much more rarely, yellow types lack the blue pigment. Great! Next time I hear a tree frog I’ll be wondering whether it’s green, yellow or blue? Something else to play with my brain.

 Cows ‘moo’ in accents specific to their region. They have dialects, just like humans. I really need to go to Scotland to hear what cows “moo” accent is like.

 Male puppies will sometimes let female puppies ‘win’ during play fights in order to get to know them better. Should’ve been born a puppy because it happens a lot in my house.

 Only half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps at a time. The other half makes sure that it comes up for air so that it doesn’t drown. And people think they’re so smart!

Male fireflies emit light a lot more often than females in order to attract mating partners. Sometimes the females ‘flash back’ to lure the males closer so they can eat them alive. Now this is one time I’m happy to be human!

 When a male honey bee climaxes, his testicles explode and he dies. Just reaffirming how thrilled I am to be human.

 Vampire bats feed those who are injured or too weak to hunt for themselves. Any bats not helping the colony get kicked out. Guess I would fall in the “no help” category.

 Adult female squirrels will sometimes adopt abandoned pups (baby squirrels). I only know that because Angela told me.

 Cows have best friends and can become stressed when separated from them.  I know now why some stop giving milk.

 Scorpions can hold their breath for up to 6 days. Can you imagine if people could do that! Wouldn’t it be a quiet world?

 A shrimp’s heart is in his head. I suppose they have a heartfelt brain.  

The longest recorded flight by a chicken was just over 13 seconds. That’s longer than some Air Canada flights.

Crocodiles can’t stick their tongues out due to it being attached to the bottom of its mouth by a membrane. I know what that feels like! I’ve had to leave my tongue in my mouth many times to alleviate confrontation.

 Butterflies are made of the most beautiful colours, yet they can only see red, green and yellow. Very fluttering to know.

 Thank you for reading and hope you learned some new interesting facts about animals. May this season wrap you all in holiday joy.

Eddy the Teddy





Some facts you may not know about animals
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