Animal Updates – October 2023

by Jen Howard – images by Jen Howard, assorted Procyon volunteer photographers and National Wildlife Centre

As October gives way to November, we have been full swing at releases. Some will stay over but the lucky ones have gone home.

Coyotes Scooter and Blondie

Blondie as you may remember was hit by a car and came in with 2 broken legs, recovered beautifully she has gone back to her home were hopefully she will meet up with her family.

Scooter came in with mange, recovered beautifully and was more than ready to go home. They both came from different areas and had to go back to those areas. Their homes and families. Wish them both the best life.

Larger Skunk

Came in with an upper respiratory infection, his vet check showed signs of noise in his lung. He is on medication to help to get him up and going again.


We had a young groundhog who had a prolapse, with lots of care and meds, he has now gone free.


As this year has been let’s just say, wacky, we have a whole lot of young squirrels who are too small to release, so they will be overwintering at the Procyon Resort.


We have 5 young opossums who are also too small for release, more guests to overwinter.


Last month our two orphans went home, one locally and the other to Thunder Bay. Read more about that release here:

This month we had another release of a porcupine who recovered from an upper respiratory infection; it was a beautiful release of an excited porcupine.

Another one has since been admitted with an upper respiratory infection as well. Hoping for a full recovery.

Screech Owl

Not often we get owls at Procyon but one recently came in, having been found on the side of the road, hit by a car, alive. The driver noticed the owl was being mobbed by ravens and upon closer look realized it was still alive.

Please check if you see an animal if you can do so safely. Your safety is always number one.

This little one is possibly going to lose an eye, and although the other eye also has a tear, with medication and monitoring we expect he should heal well in that eye.

An owl hunts by sound so he will be fine if the other eye needs to be removed. He is stable and eating well. All good signs.

White Footed Mouse – Tiny little orphan successfully rehabbed and released.

Not often we take little birds but a little house finch arrived being attacked by a blue jay. Graduated to a bigger enclosure is doing well.


It’s been the year of the chipmunk, so many, broken leg chippy has healed and been released with many others, however they are still a few to recover. A little eastern chipmunk recently arrived at the National Wildlife Centre Canada with a broken back leg. X-rays showed a broken tibia and fibula. No one is sure how this happened, but their wildlife vets were able to splint the leg. X-rays showed that it has healed well. Procyon Wildlife provided the supportive care.


This little one fell through a garage ceiling inside and was there for 2 days before she was found. She was scared, hungry and thirsty, and injured her front legs. Is now recovering at Procyon and finders have fixed their garage so it has no entry spaces.

What a busy time indeed.

Jen Howard

Animal Updates – October 2023
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