Climate Change and Wildlife

by Jen Howard

Although there are still folks out there that do not believe in climate change, it is very real. And Mother Nature is not happy. Consider all the fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, mudslides. You name it, it is out there all over the world. Yes, they are always out there every year, but this year it has been devastating. And fires are still burning. The loss of life on our wildlife will be horrible, especially as it was during baby season. It just sickens me beyond and I try not to think about it, but its there.  Believe me it is very real.

 We are having an amazing summer’s end and early fall. Weather couldn’t be better. But it has totally confused our wildlife. My hummingbirds and red headed woodpeckers left a few days late. Never in 30 years have they been off on their arrival and departure date here at my house. My orioles were here almost 3 weeks later. My squirrels are still frisky. And at the Centre babies are still coming in, red squirrels, eastern grey squirrels, young opossums and eastern cottontail rabbits. We also got in some very late baby raccoons.

My chipmunk population has exploded, but I love the little guys. However, my yard is like a freeway with little chipmunks running in every direction with cheeks exploding with acorns. Our trees are full of nuts and berries and you almost need a helmet out there. All night long since July it’s been raining acorns. I have been helping them out by taking them off the road and putting in my backyard pond area so they don’t get hit by cars.  Few minutes out of my day to save a life or two or three.

Wildlife is now getting ready for winter, busy as beavers stashing food, looking for shelter if new babes now on their own. So, if there is anyplace you do not want them, please act now so they have time to find a new home and don’t get closed/trapped inside. And be certain before you do it. One-way doors also work well just in case. This year, we started getting babies on January 25th. This coming spring, who knows when baby season is going to start? We do not want to take chances with there being babies trapped inside that we do not want orphaned.

So now is the time to do your house checks. Keeping in mind if you have no reason to mind them being there, let them stay to be safe and comfy for the winter months ahead. Because I think Mother Nature is telling us it is going to be a tough one. But please, do not feed, there is plenty of natural food. Mother Nature looks after her own.

If you find a baby call Procyon at 905-729-0033, secure, keep warm and quiet, do not handle and do not give food or water. That is our job.

Happy Autumn

Jen Howard

Climate Change and Wildlife
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