Animal Updates – September 2023

by Jen Howard

Cliff the fox went home. His release was fast and beautiful. He looked back at us twice to say thank you and goodbye. Then trotted off towards the lake to get a drink and start his life over again. He is from the same area that Elvis and Colonel Parker live and could even be siblings. I’m sure they will cross each other’s paths again soon.

Blondie and Scooter our two young coyotes are together at last. Enjoying one of our new outdoor enclosures. Blondie is still being monitored in her movements from 2 broken legs. Scooter is still growing back his fur from mange but is over that and looks amazing, however still very small. He is very active. Both such beautiful animals. And enjoying each other’s company. Will be a while before their release day.

Pins and Needles our two beautiful porcupines have gone free. Coming in as wee babes. To see them go free and climb trees explore, sniff the air, checking out their new surroundings is priceless.  It’s just so beautiful.

All of our skunks have gone free and most of our raccoons. However, we still have some young late babes overwintering. Our squirrel enclosure is in full swing with late babies, and a few young opossums. Still a few of our young ones being fostered out to make it easier at the Centre on two shifts.

Animal Updates – September 2023
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