Animal Updates – August 2023

Article & images by Jen Howard

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Fall is coming fast and animal releases are in full swing at the centre. It’s wonderful to see them going back into the wild. Our 61 skunks are ready, stomping, bluff charging tails up. Showing us how tough they are. So cute. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and rabbits have been going home. Some animals will be overwintering with us of course. There are wee babes coming in, some even eyes closed. Rabbits and squirrels are still apparently feeling frisky. We need to have a long chat. Time to get ready for winter guys.

Our young coyote Scooter from Newmarket has graduated to the outdoors. He was the first animal to try out our beautiful new outdoor enclosures. His is getting better, recovering nicely from the mange. He still needs to heal further and he is very small. What a beautiful little pup. Can burn some of that puppy energy now.

Blondie our other young coyote that was hit by a car in the surrounding area of the centre, 2 broken legs on same side, she has come leaps and bounds. She was touch and go for a while. Had weekly vet checks to change casts, occasional x-rays. Being young was on her side. They grow fast so their bones heal quickly, but that means weekly vet checks. Weekly bandage/ cast changes. All paid off. What a sweet girl she is.  On August 23rd we got the all clear to take her front wrap off and discontinue her meds. What incredibly happy news. In a week she will be able to go outside to be with Scooter.  Such wonderful news for both these little coyote pups. Very important to have company at this age. We are all very excited. Job well done on the person who hit her as she bolted out from nowhere, she was bundled up and brought to us right away. Saving her little life.

Cliff our red fox recovering from mange, from Minets Point in Barrie will also be going home soon. He loves his outdoor part of his enclosure. He watches the world go by sniffing the air. Sitting in the warm summer breezes, nose up high, “what can I smell “.  Digging in the dirt, just being a fox. His big beautiful healthy eyes just melt your heart. Our outdoor enclosures must be built to speck to keep our animals safe. They can’t dig out and nothing can dig in. Fencing is completely under and over on all four sides, top and bottom.

So tis the month for releases which makes us all happy. Gives volunteers a chance to see how their hard work has paid off, watching the animals they have cared for go free at last. A sigh of relief is had by all and big smiles as they say goodbye. Watching the animals explore, climb trees, wade in the water, chase each other and dig for grubs. Doing everything they are suppose to do. Because they are wild and were born to be wild, they just know. Off they go into the sunset. Sweet, happy, healthy lives little ones. Be free.

Jen Howard

Animal Updates – August 2023
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