Animal Updates – June 2023

Update by Jen Howard, media contributions by Jen Howard, Kylee Hinde and Charmaine Leung

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Peter the fox

Peter was from Wasaga Beach and after a short stay with us has returned home. A beautiful release as always. Run free sweet fox. 

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Video By Procyon volunteer Kylee Hinde.

Boris the Porcupine

Boris was with us the better part of a year. He came in with a severe case of mange. He also had a very stubborn respiratory infection which refused to clear up despite many vet checks and medications. Finally, Boris’s health was perfect, and he was recently released. He was so very excited and happy to go home. One of the cutest releases.  

Video By Procyon volunteer Charmaine Leung.

Frosty and Blizzard

The progress made by our first baby raccoons of the year has been in leaps and bounds. They had been found in a snowbank in critical condition on the side of the road on January 25th. Round the clock care by our dedicated volunteers was the reason they pulled through thankfully. These two little ones really struggled to live. And they made it. They are slated to go home soon and have grown into beautiful healthy big juvenile raccoons. Release update next month.

Momma Raccoon from Construction site 

This family had been temporarily separated when two of the mother’s babies had been taken to another rehab centre. The mother had been sent to us with two more; one of whom had a bad injury to its leg. The other rehab centre arranged to have the other two babes transferred to us so they could be reunited with their mom. This was a successful reunion and has now gone home with her four beautiful babies. She was an incredible mother and taught her little ones well to stay away from people. Just a beautiful little family. Safe adventures.

Other mother raccoon with two little ones.

Mom came in with an injury with two babies. She spent some time in our ICU. She is all better and she and her little ones are in an outside enclosure. We are waiting for these wee ones to get big enough to follow mom on her journeys. They are scheduled to be released in the very near future.

Orpahned Raccoons

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The little orphaned raccoons are gradually getting big enough to soon go into outdoor enclosures where they will grow and learn until their release time in the fall. Some are already out there having the time of their lives.

For these baby raccoons, what better way to learn how to fish than by playing in the pool on a hot summer day to learn how to fish?

Some other animals have been released as well such as our bats and opossums. 

Gideon our rescued fawn.

Gideon is doing very well and now has other fawns for company. He is the little fawn whose mother was hit and killed by a car on Innisfil Beach Rd, leaving her little one scared and orphaned. Luckily despite a late-night difficult search he was found safe. Although he was too frightened to eat for the first day and a bit, he is now the first one to get to his bottle. Just beautiful. 

We have had a few more interesting admissions in June which we will cover in next month’s issue. Stay tuned for more!

Jen Howard

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Animal Updates – June 2023
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