Garter snake receives care at Procyon

article and photos by Kylee Hinde

Reading time: 1 minute

We don’t typically get many reptiles at Procyon Wildlife though we are happy to treat our scaly and slimy patients!

This very mature garter snake came in with a large open wound on the side of her body. Thought to be caused by either a lawn mower or an animal attack, she received a very good clean of her wound before having it sutured closed.

She is one of the largest garter snakes we’ve ever seen at 247 grams and around 45 inches long! The maximum length for a garter snake is 54 inches, while average length is around 25 inches and average weight is between 90-150g. She’s survived many years in the wild to get this large!

She was incredibly lucky as the wound she sustained just missed her heart by centimetres.

She will stay with us while we monitor her recovery and ensure her wound heals properly.

Thanks to the beautiful handy work of the National Wildlife Centre team and specifically to Dr. Nelissa for ensuring this beautiful girl continues her life in the wild.

Garter snake receives care at Procyon
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