Animal Updates – May 2023

By Jennifer Howard

Featured here are some of the wild animals in our care at Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre during the month of May 2023.

Waldo our beautiful big toad has gone home. His finder even bought him a cute little toad house in which to shelter. Waldo, you have it made. Live happy and free.

Wasaga Beach fox will be going outside soon on his final stages of rehabilitation.  The enclosure has been undergoing some new changes to make it better for our animals who go out there. Almost ready for the fox. He will get acclimatized and then he’ll be homeward bound. He will be free again soon. 

Our momma raccoon with the two babies is outside now. Mom and babes are doing well.

Another momma raccoon and her four babes who were rescued from a construction site are doing well. The babies are growing big and strong and very cute. They hang close to mom who has been incredible raising her wee ones. In this picture, two are hiding. 🙂

This baby chipmunk was found with a broken leg in Chatsworth and came to Procyon Wildlife since at the time, no other rehab could take the little guy. He is certainly feisty. He is a little live wire at feeding time. His cast is changed twice a week as he is growing so quickly. It is rewarding to see how well he is doing.

All except for one bat have been released with plans for the last one to go home in a couple of weeks. 

These baby cottontails arrived on the Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend. They were found by a couple out for a walk. They spotted a closed small box off the path and felt compelled to open it. Inside, there were five bunnies only days old, but only three of them were alive. The three survivors are doing well and their eyes are starting to open. Lucky little babies.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific species of wild animal in our care, visit this link below:

Animal Updates – May 2023
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