Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre is pleased to announce that Lynn Perrier has joined our team as a consultant.

Lynn is a former businesswoman who has been actively fighting for protection and care of animals for the last three decades. She is the Founder of RAAW (Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare) and consults with members of the Provincial Government to bring about change in animal welfare laws for the Province of Ontario.

While her efforts have focused on domestic animals and wildlife, Lynn will now direct her time on the wildlife of Ontario in an effort to contribute better protection and care for wildlife and those who rescue them.

Lynn has had extensive communication with the OPP who have agreed to post a list of wildlife centres in Ontario at every OPP station. The goal is for officers and the public to seek out solutions that do not require killing the animal.

A great example of police, wildlife rehabbers and the Ministry of Natural Resources working together is the black bear who was wandering about Georgetown on May 18, 2023.

After numerous sightings by the public, the Halton Regional Police and the National Wildlife Centre managed to track the bear down. He was tranquilized and intubated to aid his breathing. A vet from the National Wildlife Centre was on scene to treat him. Police and the MNR have confirmed that the bear will be relocated to the wild. To read the full article about the safe capture of the bear read more here:

Procyon is a registered charity dedicated to rescue, rehabilitate, and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife.

An extension of this mission is to educate the public to understand wildlife and their integral role in our world and to better protect them. Lynn’s philosophy aligns with these goals, and we warmly welcome her to our team.

Procyon Wildlife.

Procyon welcomes Lynn Perrier to our team!
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