This year Procyon has been blessed with two very special patients. 

This year Procyon has been blessed with not one but two of these very special patients. 

Porcupettes are rare patients, as mothers never leave their babies alone and stay with them for many months. If a baby porcupine is spotted alone, it is in need of immediate assistance. It has been several years since Procyon has had one, but they are a sure favourite among staff and volunteers. 

Last week we got a call about a baby porcupine alone in Creemore, which we took right away. The baby was extremely small— the smallest we’ve ever seen at only 353 grams. Umbilical chord still intact.  That same night, we got a call from a rehabber up in Thunder Bay called asking if we had ever worked with porcupettes as there was one she believed to be orphaned. We decided these two babies would be great company for one another so the second baby made the drive down from Thunder Bay! 13 1/2 hours! 

After a very long and no doubt stressful transport, the second one arrived and was immediately very vocal about what was and was not wanted 😆   

They will spend their first evening together where they can see and hear each other and once they have settled in a bit to their new routine will be introduced to share space and some of the spring goody treats like fresh aspen leaves that they so enjoy.   They will be on specialized formulas to replace their mothers’ milk until they can be fully weaned onto solids.

This year Procyon has been blessed with two very special patients. 
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