Animal Updates – April 2023

By Jen Howard

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Animal updates:

Freedom Day for the wild animals in our care is a special day for rescuers and volunteers. It’s the day when the hard work has paid off and the animals are released to live their best lives in the wild, free.

Here is the latest:

Our foxes Colonel Parker and Billy were successfully released, as well as a few of our adult raccoons. Freedom at last.

Our mother raccoon and her babies are doing well, her babies are growing big and strong. As soon as they are old enough to follow her, they will go home.

Our little mink Alfonzo is in an outdoor enclosure getting acclimatized. As soon as the weather improves, he will be released.

Waldo the toad has had a very good winter and will also go home, once we have better weather. Our milk snake has had a good early spring with us, having awakened too early. Looking forward to freedom.

We have a new mangy fox from Wasaga Beach who will be getting better every day. It’s so beautiful to watch them improving. Transforming back into a beautiful healthy strong fox.

If you would like to support animals in our care at the centre, please visit:

Jen Howard

Procyon Wildlife Volunteer/Photographer

Here are some additional animals in our care at the centre; photos courtesy Jen Howard.

Animal Updates – April 2023
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