Animal Updates – March 2023

March gave us a wonderful first day of spring. The sun was shining, sort of mild, and the plants were sprouting and animal admissions kept coming. The babies started coming in early this year.  Let’s see what animal updates I can give this month for you to make you smile.

Our first wee raccoon infants of the year, Blizzard and Frostie who arrived on January 25th have been moved into another foster volunteer’s care. They are wonderful little toddlers, growing so fast and getting adventurous. They beat all the odds coming in with severe hypothermia in a January snowstorm. Round-the-clock care was going to make or break their chances at life. And it did. Welcome into this big world little ones. You’re going to be just fine. 

Our two foxes.

Billy and Colonel Parker are ready to go home. Admitted to the centre with cases of mange, these two have progressed from inside to outside enclosures.

Both have very unique personalities and kept us on our toes they did. Now that the weather is getting warmer, they will be going home in a few days. The most perfect part of the whole volunteer position is setting them free.

Our toad “Waldo” is getting bigger and bigger and is patiently waiting for his day when the weather gets warm enough.

He has really eaten up a storm over the winter. But no problem at all. To see him flourish was a real pleasure. When he goes home. Look out bugs! He has a really good appetite. 

A young milk snake was found in someone’s basement, and since it’s too cold to put it outside yet, the young snake is now finishing his or her winter out with us in warmth and safety. Beautiful and feisty. 

Our bats have fared well over the winter. We put them into a controlled temperature fridge, and hibernated them, pulling them out every two weeks to feed, weigh and check their hydration.  The little ones will be very excited to go home when the time comes. Our little mosquito-eating machines. I can’t wait to start seeing the bats flying again. Look out mosquitos.

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And lastly, the beautiful mother raccoon and her four babies who came in from a construction site in Toronto were reunited. She’d first been brought in with two of her babies. Later, she was reunited with her two other wee ones. Now, they are all together again.  Even after two weeks away from her, she took those two back right away. One little raccoon had an injury to her front leg. Our veterinarian checked her over, cleaned and wrapped her leg, and put her on medication for five days.

Mom and babes are doing well and keeping to themselves. Mom keeps her babies pretty private at the moment. But from all the purring I’d say they are all comfy and cozy with their momma. Soon enough they will be roaming around, exploring and keeping their mom busy. Or should I say, busier?


Every day we are now getting baby raccoons in, and pinky squirrels are starting to arrive. A new big brown bat came in and wasn’t doing well at first, but after a couple of days is very hungry and very feisty.

Every day is a new day. Please try to reunite moms and babes, wildlife parents are incredibly caring for their young. Need assistance? Call us and leave a message, 905-729-0033. A phone volunteer will get back to you and help you out. Let’s all work together. Always make that call, never bring an animal in without talking to us first. Never just leave an animal at our door. We may not notice as we get extremely busy at this time of year. This year is proving already that will be a busy one.  

If you are interested in sponsoring one of the animals in our care, please visit the following link.

Animal Updates – March 2023
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