The Importance of Community

Yesterday we got a call from a woman in Beeton who saw a young raccoon limping around. She noticed it go up a tree and watched him fall. He laid there a while before climbing back up.

She called her vet and found the information to call Procyon. Despite living less than 10 minutes away from our centre for the last 30 years, she had no idea we were there!

This outlines the importance of community and word of mouth. She was so happy that a rehabilitation was close by and was impressed at how fast everything came together. She lived close enough that a volunteer could drop off a trap, set it and pick up our little friend just over an hour after the trap was set! Now that’s speedy work! This is not usually the case! 😂

Dubbed “Watermelon” by his rescuer, this little guy will have a full intake to determine what exactly is going on with him. Distemper is always a concern, especially this time of year. But his eyes appear clear and was acting afraid of the trap and our volunteer, which are good signs.

PLEASE please talk about wildlife rescue. Make rehabs apart of the community. Get familiar with the rescues in your area, what animals they accept and how to contact them. You won’t always need them, but someone you know may. Word of mouth can be life saving for animals like Watermelon 🍉

The Importance of Community
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