Animal Updates

By Jennifer Howard

We already have many animals admitted this year, with some from last year still with us, so it’s time to start up with a few animal updates again.  


Colonel Parker

Colonel Parker, before and after. Photo source: Jen Howard

Colonel Parker came in with severe mange last year from Barrie area. He is a character coming in looking rather like a lion, very emaciated with open wounds on his hips and no fur on his head.  Who is now turning into a very handsome fox again. I love the transitioning.  He will be with us for a while yet as his fur continues to grow back and he gets stronger.  Was on a slow feeding protocol but now getting full meals, he is happy and content.  On his arrival he was a challenge as he tipped his water almost as soon as we finished cleaning him. He not only got multiple tiny meals, he got multiple big cleanings. One look into those big eyes just makes it all worth while however. Beautiful wee soul.


Billy, before and after. Photo source: Jen Howard

Billy came to us this year on January 20th.  Has been rather a little monster in tipping his water no matter what we have done as well. I think Colonel Parker and Billy are in cahoots with each other. Also leading to multiple cleanings, a day. He is keeping himself rather amused with it. And giving us many challenges, but we chuckle and I think he does to as he sticks his tiny nose out when we arrive in the room, just flashing those beautiful big eyes.  Beautiful boy. Still not on full meals but getting there.  He is also turning into a very handsome boy.  They are both very precious.  

Sasha the Opossum

Sasha, before and after. Photo source: Jen Howard

Sasha came in presumably attacked by another animal. Had a gaping wound on her hind side.  It was bad. It was a slow haul but her wound is well on the way to being healed although not quite yet. She loves her privacy and always shows her many teeth to say hey you, go away. But she is a pretty little thing and seeing her feeling that much better is a welcome sight.


A young mink came in found walking oddly down the road. He had head trauma and was found to have had other healed injuries. He has had a tough life thus far. However, he is doing really well. He will be able to be released when his head trauma is completely healed.  He loves to hide in his house or under his blanket. So sweet.

Photo source: Jen Howard

Baby Raccoons

Frostie and Blizzard came to us on January 25th. They were only days old, eyes closed orphans, found near death in a snowbank. Snowflake was the third baby and in spite of all our efforts she passed away of internal issues.  Hypothermia almost took them all. However Frostie and Blizzard are making leaps and bounds, passing the critical point now having round the clock care, they are now taking a bottle and their eyes are open. These are the first infant raccoons we have ever had come in before March 1st. The mild winter has been playing havoc on our wildlife; they are very confused. There have been others found in Toronto area as well, but thankfully reunited with mom. These two babies should thrive now. Patience and hard work pay off.

Photo source: Sarah Bruce-Marrs

At the time of writing these updates,  Procyon had already admitted 42 animals in the first six weeks of 2023. It is looking like it may be a tough year for which we will be ready. Already gearing up. We again, will succeed.

Jen Howard          

Animal Updates
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