Early last year, we began a fundraising effort to raise funds for an in-house x-ray machine. We had expected our fundraising efforts to last several years before this dream would be realized. Due to some very generous donors, late last year our x-ray machine was delivered.

Pictured here is Crystal Faye, our Animal Coordinator and Director, wearing her new lead apron. She is looking forward to her extensive training on using the x-ray machine.

Having an in-house x-ray machine will mean that it will no longer be necessary to transport injured or ill animals already in desperate condition to offsite facilities. Early diagnosis means a treatment plan can be developed sooner increasing the chances of a better outcome for the animal.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the donors who made acquiring our in-house x-ray machine a reality. Thank you so very much. You have proved that HELP is in YOUR hands… it’s in all OUR hands.

Our new X-Ray Machine
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