The Thrill of Release

by Jennifer Howard

I have been with Procyon Wildlife for approximately 8 years. Taken in sick or injured foxes, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and opossums. I figured since I’m there as much as I was back then, I may as well become a member of the team. Best thing I ever did. Because with admissions, if later all goes well, then come the releases. I know my fellow volunteers who have done releases will agree that it’s the best part of the whole process. The most rewarding for all the hard work involved by all the caregivers and veterinarians. The day they get to go home.

“Freedom day” can be days, weeks or even months depending on the situation. But it’s always exciting no matter how many releases you have done. And every release, every animal is different. I can’t say that releases don’t come without apprehension. Orphans who have never been in the wild without moms. Some came in so tiny with eyes closed they never were in the wild. They were in the den or nest. Mothers either hit by cars or trapped and relocated. Fathers in species like foxes and coyotes are unable to care for their tiny babies still in the den, and abandon them, if the mother has gone missing. And not without stress I can assure you. These animals are incredible parents, both parents. Then these little ones whom only the mother can raise, cannot survive without her and hopefully will be found in time to save.

Talitha, tiny fox kit, eyes closed was found on a front lawn in the snow in March of 2019.

The Thrill of Release
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