Animal Updates for October 2022

This is an exciting time of year for us. Most of our animals have been released. Exploring, climbing trees, digging in streams, under stumps, checking out their dens, and reuniting with families. The perfect releases. Maybe you even get a thank you as the animal looks back at you, hesitating just long enough before they scoot off. The perfect time to reflect on our successes.

This month more raccoons were released to explore and have adventures. Who knows where their new journey will take them?

Two fox releases, both wonderful.

Our Bradford fox wasted no time in scooting off. He took off so fast that I hardly got any photos. He knew he was home. Hopefully, he found his family members who are still seen in the area.

Our Oro fox also was released. He came out very slowly, sniffing and taking it all in. He then ran right to the den. He was exploring and he clearly was smelling his family. He then went bouncing through the tall grasses. Over to the main den. Sniffed around.  And looked back at us with the “thank you” look we love. Then off he trotted towards the lake. Off to explore, hopefully, meet his family who is still seen around.

We were “fox free” for a couple of weeks then another call came in. A trap was set. The same day the fox was caught. Our new fox is a male, very vocal, but is a good weight and already on the mend. It just melts one’s heart to watch the week-to-week changes as they heal, looking and acting more like a fox.

We still have some animals which will be overwintering. Our little raccoon, so tiny, still on a bottle, was taken for a vet check. Concerned something was going on we were thrilled to hear she is okay. Her adult teeth are finally coming in. Bones are all healthy. The little raccoon’s growth is just slow due to being fed the wrong diet at the start of her life before she came to us. The rescuers meant well, but this is an example of why it is important to leave the rehabbing to us. Luckily for this little one, she will overwinter with us and although she will be small, she will be okay. A real cutie.

Boris the porcupine seems to be doing better. Hopefully, his respiratory issues will clear up once and for all.

As you know, last month our education trailer finally arrived. It looks amazing thanks to artist Alexandra Bourne, we just need to put on the Procyon logo.  The trailer now has power and everything has been moved out there. Now the fun begins with organizing. Our office and vet rooms which were in the main building have been moved to the trailer, freeing up space for more nurseries and room for our mangy foxes to rehabilitate inside until they are ready to go to the outdoor enclosures.

We are looking for a desk for our entrance where the office will be. And our beautiful mink Bagheera will have his new large enclosure out there as well. It’s all in the process of being set up.

Our work has started for our new fox and coyote enclosures.

Our handyman Peter has been really busy fixing outside enclosures, winterizing, and closing in our front porch which is beautiful.

Every time I go in it’s changed. This is all so exciting. So long in coming. Eventually, our animals will be admitted through the trailer. Checked over out there first before going into the main building. Procyon is really stepping it up.

Never a dull moment.

Jen Howard

Procyon volunteer/ photographer

Animal Updates for October 2022
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