I can’t count how many have volunteers have praised Daniel and his work ethic. He has been a huge benefit to the critters and all of us this season! Sarah Marrs-Bruce.
Daniel is such a hardworking volunteer he’s always willing to stay later to help out and doesn’t even take breaks! He’s amazing and has been a great help to the Monday night shift! Thank you Daniel. Sabrina M.
It’s truly an honor to be featured by my fellow volunteers. Thank you, Daniel.

Q.  How did you become involved with Procyon in the first place?

A. I became involved with Procyon after I graduated from the Biomedical program at the University of Guelph. I was searching for opportunities that allowed me to use my formal education and my love for animals.

Q. What is your favourite kind of critter to work with?

A. I love working with RACOOONS!!! They are a bundle of joy until you need to go into the toddler room

Q. What do you find the most rewarding part of volunteering here?

A. I feel that the work I do with Procyon truly makes a difference. There is no better joy than seeing an orphaned or inured animal get released back into the wild because of the work we do here.

Q. What do you think is the most important thing you share with those not involved about helping/living in harmony with wildlife?

A. For those not involved helping wildlife, I would say that it is easier than you think and your impact on their lives makes up for any tough moments

Q. What is something about you that other volunteers would be surprised if they knew?

A. In my spare time, I like to play badminton and beach volleyball! Challengers are welcome

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