Thank you to Sugarbush Tree Removal

Yesterday, September 17th,  was a huge tree tackling project for us. We had 5 extra large trees on the property that died off and had the potential to cause damage to either volunteers or our outdoor enclosures.

It was a pretty incredible set up they had for the tree removals!

The crane cut and moved the trees and then put the limbs directly into a huge wood chipper! Now the wood chip piles from the trees will be recycled for use as bedding in our outdoor enclosures.

We would like to reach out and give a very special thank you to this crew, from left to right is Arabi, Dhiviya, Evan, Jabeen, and Devon. Devon works for Sugarbush Tree, and he was the one who operated the machine. They mostly do insurance work for storm damage, etc but they all put aside some time and came to help Procyon Wildlife.

We appreciate all the hard work you did for us yesterday. Thank you! ❤️🦌🦊🐇🦝

Thank you to Sugarbush Tree Removal
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