Very exciting news for Procyon Wildlife today!

A year ago Alliston & District Humane Society generously donated a 53’ office trailer to us, for which we are immensely grateful.

Over the past year, it had been very difficult finding someone that would deliver the trailer to us. Thankfully we were put in touch with Wayne Lloyd from Lloyds Haulage. He and a few of his friends delivered the trailer to us today. It took several steps for them to accomplish this;

  1. Replaced the tires so that the trailer was drivable.
  2. Moved the trailer out of the field in Alliston with a bobcat so it would not get stuck or tear up the field.
  3. Switched vehicles to a truck so he could tow the trailer on the road.
  4. Once at the Procyon driveway, they disconnected the truck on the road and used a bobcat to push the trailer up the driveway BACKWARDS!
  5. Parked the trailer in the spot which our Director Debra Spilar had mapped out, and then levelled it.

It was a challenging feat but Wayne was confident it could be done. He was right!
A huge THANK YOU for all your hard work today.


Very exciting news for Procyon Wildlife today!
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