Animal Updates as of August 28th, 2022

by Jennifer Howard.

Welcome to the animal updates for wild animals in our care at the Centre during the month of August.

Momma Fox

Momma Fox recently had surgery again.

 Momma fox as you know came in with 2 broken front legs. She underwent major surgery by orthopedic surgeons. One leg healed beautifully but the other one didn’t heal. Dr.Sherri Cox took momma in and did another long surgical procedure to reset that leg and pin it into place again. Momma fox is doing well. Here is hoping this time her leg will heal. Maybe with only 1 leg to deal with this time that leg will heal properly. And momma will be able to go home.

Baby Squirrel

A little black squirrel was attacked by a cat and needed help. Upon arrival, it couldn’t use its back legs. The little thing was put on pain meds and antibiotics. In time this little squirrel has gained use of her back legs and soon will be ready to go to an outdoor enclosure.

A good prognosis for her release in time.

Telly the Fox

Telly the Tiny Fox is improving every day.

 Telly came in in severe condition. Mange, dehydrated, terribly emaciated. Critical. Telly was put on an extremely strict feeding protocol. An animal in such a condition getting fed too much can get what is called refeeding syndrome. This will attack their organs and everything starts to shut down. In spite of everything we can do we can’t stop this process. They die. So this feeding protocol is very critical to their survival.

This tiny fox did nothing but lay curled up in a corner. Every day was a blessing. Then he started to get up and move around. He was hungry but we couldn’t give him any more food yet.

Then he started to give us heck, pulled his cover inside, tried to hide everything. We were thrilled beyond. This little tiny life had such a strong will to live he beat all the odds.

He was moved to a protected outside enclosure because he was no longer at all happy inside. He loves his new temporary home. He is comfortable, calm, eating well, and relaxing in his favourite place where he can get the sun and see outside. Our bald little Telly is gaining weight slowly, and growing peach fuzz all over his body. He has stolen every volunteer’s heart.

Mangy Skunk Family

The tiny orphaned skunks that came in from Bradford some totally bald with mange. 5 out of 6 lived. In very bad shape. Are now beautiful, boisterous, playful, and stamping at us telling us to get out of their space. Soon they will be going home. To be free to explore and grow in their new lives.

Fox Kits

It was a very exciting month for fox releases. We successfully released 7 fox kits. All grown up and so beautiful. All went home to where they were found. All beautiful releases. Exploring a bit before they ran off. Siblings stayed together until they were together to run free together. They were so ready to go. Grew up to be stunning foxes. Wishing them all a wonderful safe long life.

The foxes in our grew have grown to be beautiful, ready to live their lives of freedom.

Sobey the Red Tail Hawk

One afternoon a man was driving along 401 when a young red tail hawk flew into his windshield. He gathered her up and drove her to our director. She brought the hawk in. She was in bad shape. Was put right into an incubator for oxygen. Head trauma and possible other injuries. A vet appointment was made. A fracture of the scapula was suspected. Luckily X-rays ruled that out. Our young red tail did not have a fracture. But her left eye was definitely affected by the strike.  

A week later this beautiful bird was perked up and ready for her own cage. Her eye is slowly coming along in the right direction. She is hopefully going to make a full recovery.

Other Releases

Lots of animals are ready for their releases, we have been hard at work getting them back out there to be free again. Raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels. The perfect ending for us and them. Here is a short video and some images of recent releases.

This is a video of a recent fox release. Thank you to Marlena Perich for the video.

Debra Spilar was an Uber driver again tonight with lots of different passengers. It was so much easier this time now that her truck is back from repairs. The last time she released wild animals she transported them in her convertible! Now that’s dedication!

On August 24th Debra released skunks, opossum, and raccoons today. We wish good luck to these beautiful, and now healthy, furry friends on their new adventures.

Images by Debra Spilar.

Oh my! I am so glad to be home!

Chipmunk caught by cat who crashed but came back to us now released and doing well. Images by Jennifer Howard.

In all wildlife babies making it through their first year are critical times for them. Only 1% of turtle hatchlings make it to their first year. 50 to 80% of wildlife babies never see their first year of life. So many obstacles to tackle, more cars, more development, more people. More habitat loss. Toxins, illegal traps and human cruelty, pets on the loose. Storms and natural predators. Parents try their best to teach their young. But once on their own, they don’t always make the right decision. Ending badly.

Watch out for our wildlife, go slow in the early evening and morning hours. Keep dogs on leash and cats indoors.

And call us if you find an animal in need. We will do our best to help you.

Jen Howard

Procyon volunteer/ photographer

Enjoy the following photos of some of the animals that have been cared for or are still presently in our care by Procyon Wildlife.

Animal Updates as of August 28th, 2022
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