August 18th was a big day for Procyon. Debra Spilar rented a uhaul truck and drove up to Pet Country Estates, now a retired dog training, boarding, and daycare facility in Innisfil. Some ladies and one teen (for her community service hours) met Debra up there to load up the cage panels. The facility’s generosity supplied us with a lot of the cages, runs, crates etc. for a small cost. These are going to be used to build our enclosures for foxes and raccoons. A huge thank you to Pet Country Estates and also a huge thank you to those who showed up to help. We slugged those cages and got them all loaded up in less than 2 hours. Team effort. Still a lot of work ahead of us, assembling them all. If anyone is interested in helping, let me know.

Many thanks to Pet Country Estates
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