Animal Updates as of July 28th, 2022

Once again, welcome to Procyon’s animal updates. This month I’ll touch base with a few of our animals in care. Bring you up to date on their progress.

Houdini the Fox. He came on June 7th with a very bad case of mange.

On July 21st Houdini went home to be free again.

The release was perfect.

Houdini was very anxious to get back out there. He gave the release team one look backward, and then he was off to live his best life in the woods.



The wee cottontail found in the firepit was in rough shape when she arrived. Her siblings were able to get out but she did not. With fast actions, the people got to her quickly but by then her fur was singed with some burns on her nose and face.

She was put on medications for pain right away and hydrated.  She has had a vet appointment. She was very good. And is very tiny, she has a sore eye as well as a sore face. She is still on medication and some drops were added to one of her eyes. With burns, things can turn quickly. However, we are hopeful for a full recovery. If all goes well with this little one, she will go home to run free again.

Pinky squirrel who was attacked by a dog is doing very well. She had round-the-clock care from our Animal Care Coordinator and has now been able to go to a foster volunteer. She eats amazingly well and is very vocal throughout the whole feeding and is growing little peach fuzz fur. Just way too adorable.


A family of mangy skunks came in on June 10th and 11th. A man noticed two out wandering around and over two days he and his neighbor were able to get them all. No mother, all had mange and one little one passed away. They went over and beyond to reach these little ones in need. Now over a month later these five little skunks are fully furred and doing really well. Still too young to be on their own but they will be just fine. Totally adorable.

Spirit, our little fawn who came in on June 14th is doing very well. He had a fracture in his growth plate in his front leg and his leg was splinted. It needed to be splinted weekly as he was growing so fast. Now the splint is off and he is outside in the big deer enclosure with all the other fawns. Last check-up by Crystal found him to be very hard to catch and using that leg like there was never an issue. He will go free come late fall after hunting season is over, so they will have a better chance of survival.

Our little opossums who came in with their mom who had a broken jaw are doing really well. Growing, eating well. They are so cute, love all their hanging beds and tasty treats.

Mom is still under care. Her jaw has healed beautifully however there are complications with the head trauma she had. Under vet care.

Thank you for all your support towards these little animals and more. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Jen Howard

Procyon Volunteer/Photographer

Animal Updates as of July 28th, 2022
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