Animal Updates as of June 30, 2022

Update and Photos by Jennifer Howard

Spirit the fawn

On June 14th a little fawn made a big trip into the centre from South Hampton. He had been attacked by a dog. 2 days later he had his first vet appointment with our Dr. Nellissa of National Wildlife Centre. X-rays showed he had a fracture in his growth plate in his left leg. His little leg was fitted with a splint to help him heal and walk.

Each week he gets vet checked and fitted with a new splint. As he is growing so fast. He is such a good patient. We cover his head which keeps him calm. The job at hand is done on the floor. It’s only been a couple of weeks but he is full weight-bearing on splinted his leg and doing well.

Houdini the Fox

Houdini is a fox with bad mange who came in from Lefroy, Innisfil. While trying to catch another fox, Houdini started coming around. Then went into the trap. He just had his second dose of medication for mange which is given every two weeks, and has finished his antibiotics for his wounds. He may or may not get a third dose. Usually two is all they need. He is a sweet little male fox and has been well behaved. As his wound on his hind end is healing up, it is still vulnerable to bot flies getting to it and laying their eggs. So still inside the centre for a wee while longer. Still trying to capture the other mangy fox.

Family of Five Skunks

Coming from Bradford, this beautiful family of tiny skunks was discovered to be orphaned. The woman called in a panic asking what she can do to help them. It had been 48 hours since her neighbour discovered them under his shed and hadn’t seen mom. We instructed her what to do and that afternoon she called and had caught 3 of the babes. She brought them right into us. The next day was a rainy day but they knew there were 3 more to get. They were weak and in rough shape the day before, so time was critical.

Her neighbour actually cut three quarters of the floor in his shed right out to find these babies. They found all 3 huddled together. One was extremely weak. We told them to keep them warm and quiet, nothing by mouth and get them to us quickly. They were quite bad, dehydrated, had mange, and were starving. Lots of sub cueing and bottle feeding and overall tender loving care, 5 of the 6 survived and are coming along slowly.

Although the woman was extremely upset about the one little one dying, I told her she needed to remember that five lived. They saved five lives that would not have been long in this world. When she heard it that way she calmed down and was very thankful.

We must always remember that no matter what the outcome, we did, and you did everything you could to save that life. No more suffering or worse, being hit again on the road, taken alive by a natural predator or cat. Lying there terrified in so much confusion and pain.

You saved them because they were no longer in pain, we gave them pain meds, they were warm and as comfortable as we could make them, have full tummies and were under loving, caring hands until the end.

We always do our very best to save every life. Euthanization is always the last resort.

Momma Opossum

Caledon Animal Control paid a visit to us a couple of weeks ago. A momma opossum had been hit by a car. She had five little ones in her pouch. All unharmed thankfully. She was vet checked and x rayed, her jaw was broken and thankfully fixable. Because she was injured and needed all her energy to heal, her little ones were old enough to be taken and cared for separately. She is healing and will be on a liquid diet for a while.

Her five little ones are doing well and are being kept with each other.

Momma Fox

Our monthly update on Momma Fox from St. Thomas, who had both her front legs badly broken. Another vet check and set of x-rays showed her one leg was still not healing properly.

Her splint has been removed for now and it is planned she will go through another surgical procedure for that leg. Her other leg is fine, completely healed up.

Another big thank you must go out to National Wildlife Centre vets, Dr. Nellissa and Dr. Sherri Cox and to the assisting vet techs. We have been overwhelmed with animals in need of vet care these last few months. There have been some tough cases. We are so appreciative and so lucky to have you.

Jen Howard

Procyon volunteer/ photographer


Animal Updates as of June 30, 2022
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