Animal Updates – April 2022

Every day is a new day at Procyon. Here are a few updates of animals who are or were in our care.

First fox of the year Geetika, (meaning beauty). Came in on January 6th with mange. He looked rough mange wise but was in good body condition. The beautiful handsome fox healed nicely and was able to be released in excellent condition on March 8th. He sniffed around and chose his direction. So wonderful to see him go free again.

Andy and Micheal J Fox both came in with bad mange to their tails. They came to us on December 24th and 26th. They are male siblings found hiding in a barn with a donkey and a pig to keep warm. Both suffered frostbite to their tails. Our veterinarian Dr. Nelissa had to perform partial amputation to both foxes’ damaged tails. They came through very well. Spent more time inside until all was well healed and furred. Early February they went outside to our covered enclosure to start climatizing. They were no longer happy to be inside. They are getting close to their freedom day.

Andy and Michael J Fox are healing well and will soon be released.

Megan Fox arrived on March 17th. (Happy St. Patrick’s Day.) The trap was set for her February 4th near Lefroy, Innisfil. She would not go near it. Finally, she gave in to the temptation of a nice piece of chicken and we got her.

Her sides were bare to the skin, her neck on one side was mostly bare as well as her tail. Mange was starting to affect her face but her eyes were still clear. She is doing well with us and it will be a while before her release day.

Our first little tiny raccoon infant Squeakers came in very early in the season on March 13th at a mere 170g. She needed round-the-clock care and since our volunteers were not quite prepared for an early baby season*, Squeakers is being cared for by one of our foster volunteers. She is getting all the care she needs.

On March 23rd her ears and eyes opened, 12 days later on March 25th she was a whopping 305g. She is described as being a little monkey full of attitude.

Jen Howard

Our three-shift schedule for our volunteers begins April 1st, 2022. If you are interested in volunteering at Procyon Wildlife, click here to learn more.

Animal Updates – April 2022
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