Buy Rope will give away 100% of their profits made on Sunday 27th February for International Polar Bear Day to a charity supporting the welfare of polar bears.

Please spread the word about the generosity of this UK company that recognizes the importance of the polar bear to our environment.
Learn more about polar bears in an article by Procyon Wildlife volunteer Elizabeth Trickey:…/international-polar…/

What is International Polar Bear Day?

International Polar Bear Day is an event launched by Polar Bear International with the aim of raising awareness of the danger climate change is posing on these arctic animals. The date of the event coincides with the time of the year when polar bear moms and cubs are snug in their dens – their safety being another concern for activists. This celebration encourages people and companies to find ways of reducing their carbon footprint, therefore taking a stand against global warming.

Why are polar bears in danger?

According BBC, polar bears could go extinct by 2100 due to climate change if the shrinking of the Arctic sea ice isn’t stopped
Pollution stands as another danger to polar bears – WWF notes that the toxic chemicals ingested by polar bears are weakening their immune system and even poisoning young cubs.
With the ice melting, polar bears are forced to spend more time on the shore, resulting in more frequent conflicts with each other and people – reports Polar Bears International.

Buy Rope is dedicated to helping those in need. They decided to support a different organisation each month by organising a fundraising event. Read more about this charitable initiative here:

Celebrating International Polar Bear Day is Feb. 27th.
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