Thank you so much for the food and money donations!

Last week we got in so many wonderful food and money donations for the animals in our care from our local community members. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and kindness.

Also we would like to thank Brian of Brian’s Food Baskets in Barrie for his now weekly fruit and veggie donations.

And to Paul from Raw 4 Dogs in Springwater for his donation coming in soon of raw foods for our foxes and mink.

A shout out of thanks also goes to Neil and Freddie Mathieson for their donation of frozen beef parts from their non GMO beef farm.

The continuing support from Fish & Bird Emporium in Barrie for all their generouse donations for our foxes, raccoons, bats and mink.

Our 2022 has not started as easily as most winters since we  have a lot of animals in our care, and it seems more are coming nearly in every day.

Healing animals needs lots of nutritious foods to get them back to optimal health for their releases. We can’t do it without your help. These donations showed Team Work  at its best. A huge shout out and thank you to all who donate to us.

The following are photos taken Sunday of a few animals at dinner time. And our volunteers Ashleigh and Kiara were busy putting food away and preparing meals.

Elvis the fox thinking maybe burrying his dinner was in order until he got a taste. Bagheera our mink enjoyed a nice juicy fish then curled up for a happy nap, and finally Doris our biggest porcupine enjoying a lovely piece of apple. She was hesitant at first as we have used apple for medication. When she tried it and no meds she went crazy.

You can’t fool them they know! Again thank you kindly for your support.❤

Thank you so much for the food and money donations!
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