Lefroy’s Fox Caught!

In the November 2021 issue of the Procyon Post, in my main article, Saving Lives, I made mention of a fox in Lefroy that I have been trying to capture so it can receive treatment. In fact, a man allowed me to set a trap on his property for this fox way back on Sept. 30th. The trap was there for three weeks with only one healthy fox seen, so I finally took the trap away.

On October 24th a woman contacted me concerning the same mangy and injured fox, nearby where I had first set the trap. On November 19th at 3:38 pm, fox #19 for me, went into our live trap. Since then, there have been no more reports from Lefroy concerning a mangy and injured fox so I’m hopeful this beautiful boy is the one people had been seeing.

He is very emaciated and we are caring for his injured foot and flushing his eyes. He has been with us for 9 days and is going to be with us for some time yet. But he is improving.

Zoro who came in to the Centre on November 5th is doing really well and will soon be going to our outside enclosure.

Lefroy’s Fox Caught!
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