Close up pics of a porcupine
Not many of you have seen a porcupine up close. Here are some great pics were taken while she was being checked over by Dr. Nelissa. Thank you Doc.
Did you know that porcupines have 30,000 quills on their body but none on their feet, inside of the leg, or stomach? And just look at the teeth they have!
Also, it is an urban legend, porcupines do NOT shoot their quills.
Remember if you ever find an injured porcupine, place it in a Tupperware container or tote box to transport to a rehab centre and NO towels of any kind can be put in with them. The quills will get caught in the material; the porcupine will lose its quills as a result.
Here are some close-up pictures:
Close up pics of a porcupine