Nov. 7, 2021 was a very productive day at Procyon-6Today at Procyon was very productive. We had great weather and great volunteers helping. Our mission was to relocate and put together a fox enclosure so Shredder could go in it. Shredder thanks you all, he is so happy to be outside. Thanks Chris, Ryan & Jack for the heavy lifting. Then a thank you goes to all the ladies that helped wire the bottom, put on the panels and tarp the roof.

Next, we put all the winter panels on all the other outdoor animal enclosures. During that time we admitted an red tail hawk (looks like he is just dazed from flying into a window) and an opossum (not so lucky, he could be hit by car).

We have received lots of pumpkins to feed our animals, thanks everyone. Now if anyone is interested, you can help us make puréed pumpkin for our babies next season by taking a few home, bake them in the oven, when they are roasted and soft, scoop out the pulp and purée it , then pour it into freezer ziplock bags so we can freeze it for baby season.

Pics from our productive, and eventful day.

Shredder in his new enclosure.



Today at Procyon was very productive! Nov-07-2021
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