Thank you so much to ALL the volunteers who baked or donated wonderful baked goods or other beautiful products, like Sabrina’s Scented Candles for us to sell at the Bolton’s Journey of Hope event on Saturday, August 14th.

We also are very grateful for those volunteers who helped at the booth! Everyone made the day a fun and happy one!

Although attendance by the public was modest, we still did very well and brought in $650.00. Also, many thanks go out to Shannyn and her husband Jay of Wonderbunnie Designs* who are amazing supporters for Procyon Wildlife! Shannyn donated $5.00 from every mask sold that day, and raised $250.00! As you can see it was a successful day in Bolton with $900.00 in total raised!

It is a blessing whenever we have an opportunity to fundraise, but being out there in the public also gives us the chance to educate people about wildlife in need, and share with people our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release orphaned and injured wildlife.

Once again thank you so much for all that you do to help wildlife.

You have proved that HELP is in YOUR hands!

*featured image taken by Shannyn Kelly shows the Procyon Wildlife and Wonderbunnie Market Stalls!

Thank you to ALL the volunteers who helped make Bolton’s Journey of Hope Successful!
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