Mama Opossum doing well after her Surgery

Recently, Procyon Wildlife admitted one pregnant opossum that was injured. Possibly hit by a car. She received head trauma and an injured eye. It was touch and go whether she would survive long enough to care for her babies.

She certainly surprised us all by being strong-willed, and not giving up. She’s doing so well and getting stronger every day at the centre. This accident certainly didn’t stop her from having and caring for her babies, 12 to be exact. So one admission now has turned into 13, as our family grew. Turns out, despite her injuries, she’s been the best momma to all her little ones.

Today she was finally healthy enough to have surgery on her eye. The surgery was a success even though the eye couldn’t be saved, too much trauma had occurred.

Thanks to our surgical team once again, Dr. Sherri Cox, Dr. Nellissa Stalenhoef and Octavio, your the best!

Mama Opossum doing well after her Surgery
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