Important Message from a fellow rehab centre, Kawartha Wildlife Centre
If there’s one thing you can count on the internet for, it’s perpetuating bad, unfiltered advice.
With the increase in temperatures, there’s been an explosion of gypsy moth caterpillars showing up all across Ontario. This invasive species is incredibly detrimental and can defoliate an entire tree in just a day, which is wiping out much-needed food and shelter for our native species.
Unfortunately, we’ve seen a few posts gaining traction recommending using duct tape or sticky traps wrapped around the tree base in order to catch the caterpillars.
Recommendations like this have been put forth by municipalities in the past but were all quickly rescinded when the threat to birds, bats and mammals presented itself.
Any sticky surface like glue traps or tape has adhesives that will and do trap wildlife. We do get requests about birds with tape stuck to their legs and feet, and if they can’t be contained and brought in for help, they suffer terribly and eventually starve. Even if they are lucky enough to be found and brought in, removing the adhesive can be near impossible without causing lasting damage. For many, the stress of being stuck alone is enough to give them a heart attack.
Woodpeckers, chickadees, brown bats, chipmunks and so many more are all at risk from these types of traps. Fortunately, there is a better, safer way to help combat the gypsy moth caterpillars without causing harm to our native species. Burlap wraps are incredibly effective, don’t harm the tree or risk trapping mammals and birds.
When the caterpillars are trapped in the burlap, you just dunk it in soapy water, rinse and repeat!
Coexistence means not harming when we’re trying to help. When we know better, we do better, and we grow.
For more information on gypsy moths please visit:
Sticky traps and Glue are a Huge Threat to Wildlife. Please don’t use them to control Gypsy Moths!
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