We would like to introduce Butter, our newest patient at Procyon Wildlife.

He is a very sweet, cute and, curious 6-week old baby raccoon. He is very tiny for his age, about the size of a 2-week old baby. We presume the cause of his underdevelopment stems from the injuries he sustained.

A few weeks ago Butter was a very healthy normal baby living with his momma and siblings up in a very high tree. But due to April showers, we had a severe wind and rain storm one day. The wind was strong that it shook the tree enough that Butter fell out of his nest.

This type of catastrophic fall to such a tiny baby caused trauma to his stomach which created a stress hole in the lining. This is how a hernia could develop and did.

As he grew, so did the hernia. Most of his intestines have pushed through the hole and into the hernia pocket. This is the largest hernia we have seen.

Butter will NOT survive without having surgery as the hernia will continue to grow as he does.

Surgery for such a tiny little body can be dangerous and risky but without surgery, he will NOT survive so we have made the decision to give him a chance to live. Help is in our Hands so we choose to Help.

We are moving forward very quickly. He has already had a physical exam and X-rays by our wildlife surgeon (who is the best) and we have scheduled Butter’s surgery for this Wednesday.

In the meantime, Butter is getting the best supportive care and TLC from Procyon Wildlife. He is getting the best formula to fill his little tummy and lots of stuffies to cuddle and play with.

We are praying that Butter’s little body is strong enough and the skills of our surgeon will save his precious life. Please keep Butter in your thoughts and prayers. He will need everyone’s support to get him through this. If you would like to help with the costs of his care, please go to our website to donate, any amount helps.

Introducing Butter, Our Newest Patient
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