If you would like to help wildlife in distress, please consider sponsoring an orphan!

Our Sponsorship Package Includes:

  • Your Choice of Baby Animal to sponsor*.
  • Picture of the Baby Animal.
  • Certificate of the Baby Animal.

You can choose any baby animal* to sponsor at any sponsorship level starting at $35.00. The animals we typically rehabilitate at the Centre are Bats, Cottontails, Coyotes, Fawns, Foxes, Porcupines, Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels and Skunks.

These wildlife patients may be available for sponsorships depending on the time of year, such as having been orphaned in the spring, or year-round due to injury. If you would like to sponsor an animal for a different amount, please contact us at in**@pr*************.com

May is Be Kind To Animals Month!
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