Wildlife babies are arriving at the Centre every day!

Our miniature aliens, better known as pinky squirrels are arriving daily. Here is a little one being fed. Note these baby squirrels are hairless and blind at birth.

We also have a little muskrat in our care. To learn more about these interesting animals, click to read Procyon Wildlife volunteer, Elizabeth Trickey’s article  World Rat /Muskrat Day is April 4th.

It is very rare that we ever get a muskrat in at the Centre. He was found in the middle of Livingstone St in Barrie. He doesn’t appear to be injured, he is just a little small. Check the video below to watch him eat. He is not too disturbed to have been rescued and is enjoying a healthy meal. He might think his water bowl is a pond as he sits in it.

If you would like to volunteer with us and get to know all the wildlife babies that arrive, contact us at info@procyonwildlife.com.

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