Spring is coming and that means wildlife baby season will soon be here.  No matter how cute these babies are, please take them to a rehab centre like Procyon Wildlife as soon as you find them.

We have the proper training to provide the necessary food and enrichment for their growth and different stages of development. Proper nutrition and enrichment are key elements to their survival in the wild.

To avoid heartache, please bring an injured baby animal to a wildlife centre. Every year, wildlife rehabbers face a preventable addition to their workload; the care of wild animals that people tried to raise on their own. Quite often it is too late to undo the damage that has been done due to poor nutrition and too much socialization with human beings.

The best way to help is to get that orphaned baby to a wildlife rehabilitation centre such as Procyon WIdlife and made a donation toward the care of that precious life. HELP is in YOUR hands!


Spring is coming!
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