Welcome to Procyon Wildlife’s newest feature – a weekly article highlighting the special days (or weeks) that are set aside for wildlife.  We will share information on the animals that we rehab, but will also write about animals that are not indigenous to North America.  The articles will be informative – sometimes with surprising facts, and other times, amusing.

Yes, wildlife can be quite funny with their antics and adventures.  Who can forget the black squirrel who ate fermented crabapples and could barely stay on his feet?   And just this year alone, Toronto news reports have had features about raccoons shopping for gifts in Best Buy, stopping for an apple fritter at Tim Hortons, enjoying the Toronto landscape atop a construction crane, and riding the TTC!

What is also amusing is some of the National Appreciation days that have been designated for specific animals.  For instance, did you know that this month there is a FULL week set aside for one animal in particular? Yup, January 24-30 is Kiss a Shark Week!  Yes, you read that right!  Make sure your Last Will and Testament is up-to-date before you try that!

Please check in each week for our Featured Animals on our website or Facebook page to learn interesting facts about the wildlife in our world.

We do need to appreciate their abilities and how they each contribute to the welfare of our communities.


Procyon Wildlife

Welcome to Procyon Wildlife’s newest weekly feature!
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