Exciting Improvements at Procyon!

Each year, as urbanization increases, we are admitting more and more animals to the Centre, thus requiring an expansion of our facilities, to house our animals and to train our volunteers and interns.

Thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, we were able to build more outdoor enclosures for our small mammals. We have also made some significant additions to our indoor facility.

Scroll down this post to see the wonderful improvements we have been able to make this year, both indoors and outdoors! Also, please spread the word that we are looking for a Construction Trailer to convert to our Education Classroom and Admitting / Reception Area. Ideally, we would like to convert the current space used as our classroom to another nursery and have the Education and Admitting located in a separate office trailer. If you know of anyone who might be able to help with this, please contact us at in**@pr*************.com



Thank you to all our amazing builders; now we have more enclosures for overwintering our injured animals that have been coming in and additional fencing to protect our animals from human contact so they can recuperate and heal.

November 19th Stage 1… Foundation and flooring is complete.

November 20th Stage 2… Framing started for 3 large cages and 6 smaller cages.

November 26th Stage 3… Looking good….the roof is now on.

Final stage… The doors, shelves and winter panels added on.
This is important so that animals who are moved from our inside facilities to outdoors, will adjust naturally to the environmental cycles of  day and night time.

Outdoor Privacy Fencing

Exciting Improvements at Procyon!
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