At the end of November, we received a call from a woman about a severely injured raccoon.

She was out walking her dogs in a Provincial Park when the young raccoon approached her. She noticed the little one had blood around its ears and under its neck.

We named her TROUBLE since it was very hard to capture her.

Dogs were continually running off-leash around the base of the tree where she had taken refuge. It was not until nightfall,when people had taken their dogs home, that we were able to successfully live-trap her and bring her to the Centre for treatment.

Upon examination of her significant wounds by Dr. Rebecca, the consensus was that she was attacked by a dog.

Trouble has puncture wounds all over her head on both sides, near her eyes, her ears and a very large nasty one in her throat. She is incredibly lucky to be alive.

Trouble’s road to recovery will be a long one.

She will require twice a day wound treatments, pain medications and antibiotics for the first 10 days of her stay with us. She will need food, fruit and vegetables, straw, and housing once she can go outside with heated water bowls.

She will be in our care at the Centre until at least April before she will be ready to be released, provided her healing process and rehabilitation goes well.

The estimated cost to care for Trouble could be approximately $2,000.00 or more.

Donations to support us in caring for her would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps. Let us help little Trouble get back on her feet so she can be free again.

This beautiful little girl needs your help


HELP is in YOUR hands!

For the full story about Trouble…please read Jennifer Howard’s article, HELP is in YOUR hands!  View the gallery of pictures of Trouble!

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