Raccoons are often misunderstood and perceived as vermin by those who do not appreciate that every species, every life, plays its own personal role in our ecosystem. This perception can be changed. It can be changed by conscientious humans just like yourself. A human cannot truly appreciate something that isn’t understood so let’s CHANGE THAT! Share with the world what raccoons really are.

Raccoons are:

  • Intelligent. Some studies have shown raccoons to have a cognitive ability similar to that of some higher primates.
  • Adaptive. Raccoons are versatile animals that can flourish in a woodland setting or among urbanites with equal success.
  • Sensitive. The raccoon’s paw (or hand) is full of tiny receptors that make his or her sense of touch a superpower. When wet, these receptors become even more sensitive allowing a raccoon to “see” items just by feeling them!
  • Good mothers. Infant raccoons are born blind and completely helpless. Mother raccoons choose a safe home to raise their families and have even been known to brave fire or other dangers, risking their own lives, to make sure the family stays safe. Raccoon cubs stay with their mother and siblings for one year before making lives of their own.
  • Beautiful. With a ringed tail and dark mask, the raccoon is easily one of the most unique AND recognizable species in North America.

Raccoons are all of these things and so much more.

The Unique and Remarkable Raccoon!
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