Masks, plastic rings a danger to waterfowl

Wildlife Rehabbers have a new challenge on their hands, which was emphasized to me recently on a drive through the country last week.

My husband and I stopped at various conservation areas and waterways to enjoy nature and its wildlife. We were dismayed to find medical masks strewn along the riverbank and pathways.

Please remind your friends and family to discard masks in a safe and responsible way.

  1. Make sure the loops on the mask are cut before discarding.
  2. Disposal of masks should be in the garbage bin and not in nature where they could become a hazard to animals and people.
  3. Please don’t endanger another person by potentially exposing them to COVID-19 or other diseases by throwing masks on the ground and hoping others will do the cleanup.

Another hazard to wildlife is plastic rings. Please cut rings before disposing of them in a bin. It will only take a few seconds and could save a life.

HELP is in YOUR hands!

Masks, plastic rings a danger to waterfowl
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