Gracey the Opossum and her Five Little Surprises

On Wednesday, August 26th. I got a phone call on my phone shift regarding an injured opossum. We sent a volunteer to catch her up and bring her in. Not something we normally do. But in this case, the person could not help. And this little thing needed to get to us.

She arrived, was checked out and given pain meds. With her checkup came a big surprise. She was a mom. Gracey the Opossum had little ones in her pouch. It is suspected that she was the victim of a dog attack. She has head trauma and some wounds surrounding her head suggesting those are puncture wounds made by a dog.

Two days later, on August 28th Gracey was examined by Dr. Rebecca, our veterinarian. She is doing very well, the swelling in her face is down, one wound a bit infected and being treated, the others clean and doing well. She has a very healthy appetite.

Upon closer exam, our vet confirmed that the 5 little baby opossums in Gracey’s pouch were all lively and moving around.

Check out our FB page for regular updates and photos of our special lady, Gracey the Opossum and her little family.

Jen Howard

Procyon Wildlife volunteer/ photographer

“Help is in Your Hands “

Gracey the Opossum and her Five Little Surprises
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