Wildlife creatures are often closer to home than you realise!

Baby Bunny Patches: Check for bunny nests before mowing your lawn! Dry dead patches of grass are a sign that baby bunnies could be burrowing under the surface.

Before mowing your lawn check for bunny nests and cordon them off so you won’t mow over them.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see Momma Rabbit close by. She cares for her babies once or twice a day. If you think a mother has abandoned her babies,which she would never do, unless she was hurt or killed, mark the area with some chalk. If later in the day or next morning the lines have been disturbed, it means she was there to visit them and feed them.

Did you know?  We are often asked if  a  nest can be moved because of dangers such as those from dogs.  The answer is: NO! Since the babies do not put off an odor, even the mother will not be able to find them if they have been moved.

Watch this helpful video by Ontario Wildlife Removal on what to do if you find a bunny nest on your lawn!

Burn Piles: When doing the fall cleanup, it is natural to throw  leaves and brush on a pile.

Some people without thinking may set that pile to burn in the spring with little thought that small animals may have made that brush pile into a cozy home during the winter and considered it a safe place to have their babies.

Please think before you light that match and consider mulching your pile of brush instead, later in the spring after baby season is over!

Wildlife creatures are often closer to home than you realise!
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