Please Check Burn Piles Closely Before Lighting!

About this time last year, in April of 2019,  Meadow and baby Pebble were admitted to Procyon Wildlife.

Once again it is the season that people are tidying up their gardens and property of the past season’s debris.

Before you burn those piles, please check to see if any animals are inside those piles. Many wildlife animals use them for nests to deliver their babies, like Mama Meadow, who came to us with burns on her face, arm and belly. On her way to the vet for treatment of her burns, to our surprise, she popped out an itty bitty baby.

Mama Meadow could not nurse her newborn because of the burns to her belly and nipples so baby Pebble was bottle fed to supplement in between her quality time with mama.

So please check those piles of rubble before you burn them, lives depend on it. A tragedy like this was preventable.

HELP is in YOUR Hands!

Please Check Burn Piles Closely Before Lighting!
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