A Spring Bear Hunt will orphan young bears. They are born in January and need their Moms for at least 18 months.

Please vote NO to the Ontario Spring Bear Hunt!

Please circulate widely

On February 25th, the Toronto Star  published a debate asking  “should there be an Ontario spring bear hunt?”

One submission is written by Dr. Keith Munro, a wildlife biologist with Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, who argues the hunt is based on science and is sustainable, while Judy Malone of Tourists Against Trophy Hunting argues one bullet kills an entire family and orphaning cubs is too common.

Then it asks you to vote on whether Ontario should have a spring bear hunt.


Please continue to put pressure on our government representatives to abolish the Spring Bear Hunt. To read more on what you can do, please click here.

Thank You! HELP is in YOUR hands!

Please vote NO to the Ontario Spring Bear Hunt!
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