24 Honeycomb Hammocks Donated to Procyon!

We picked up 24 honeycomb hammocks for PROCYON WILDLIFE this week.  These hammocks provide enrichment for our squirrels and opossums.  They love to play in the pockets and fall asleep.  To buy them would cost the centre $35 US each, an expense we could not afford.  Fortunately for us, we made a connection with a local sewer who wants to remain anonymous that donated all of them at no charge.   Thank you for being so generous and caring.

We couldn’t play favourites so we designed a new hammock project today for our raccoons.  They will be quite different than the honeycomb hammocks and a little more challenging but our sewer is determined to make them.

If you know of anyone out there looking for a sewing or knitting project that helps wildlife in Ontario, contact PROCYON WILDLIFE at 905-729-0033 or email us at in**@pr*************.com.  I know our animals will certainly appreciate it.



24 Honeycomb Hammocks Donated to Procyon!
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