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A tiny wildlife baby, eyes closed was found on a front lawn in the snow in March. It was wrapped in a blanket and taken to Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Beeton, Ontario.

The little one was fighting for its life, hypothermic, starving and all alone. No one knows where it came from, how it got there. No parents were ever seen. She was a mystery. She was taken home by a foster volunteer who warmed her up slowly, fed her slowly and cared for her around the clock until she was stable.

This little girl, a red fox kit was named Talitha. Talitha rebounded beautifully, her eyes opened to the world for the first time in a few days. She was given fur to keep her warm and to snuggle like with her mother. As she grew she got toys to cuddle and play with. But she was lonely. Fox kits are social and need others to be with.

A little over a month another fox kit came into the centre with an injured tail, after healing they were introduced to each other. Slowly becoming friends. Talitha grew into a beautiful delicate little fox. They were put into a bigger enclosure. Lots to do, hiding places, a kiddie pool. Treats frozen in ice cubes were used as enrichment, they had to get them out of the pool to eat them. All part of the learning process for these young foxes. They played hard, napped hard and were getting restless. They were ready to go free. They got shots to keep them healthy. A beautiful place was found for their release with everything they needed to survive. It was time.

They were not happy about the crate but were clearly excited. The door was opened. Talitha ran out of the crate in leaps and bounds through the tall grasses. Never looking back, she was gone. Her buddy then joined her, bouncing through the tall grasses to freedom. We wished them well with big smiles and happy hearts.

This is the moment every wildlife rehab volunteer waits for, when all the sleepless nights, long hours, dedication and unconditional love pays off. This little girl came in barely breathing, hypothermic, starving, clinging to life. Now this beautiful young fox is free to roam, explore, hunt, play, to have a family of her own one day and do what foxes do.

They were greeted by a beautiful sunset of mother nature’s colours, a success story. A story of life. One of many for this Rehabilitation Centre’s daily challenges. We wish these two beautiful young foxes a long and prosperous life.

Jennifer Howard

Procyon volunteer / photographer


Talitha Makes Cover of Wildlife Rescue Calendar
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