This was posted recently from another wildlife rehabber… The message is so important, we wanted to share this with our readers.

“So… you think you want to raise a baby squirrel? Think again…! These four siblings were found by well-meaning members of the public. They were kept for at least 4 weeks, being fed a “homemade formula” consisting of items such as 18% cream, nut butters or milks, and who knows what else… and THIS is the result!

Almost completely naked squirrels that are malnourished and underdeveloped. Receiving improper nutrition throughout development has resulted in a loss of fur, underdeveloped bodies (that’s why their heads look so big), and stunted growth in general.

We are now forced to keep these babies inside overwinter, as they are far too naked to be put in outdoor enclosures. And this is not a quick fix – it takes time to build up proper nutritional levels in their bodies, and for the fur to regrow.

If you find a wild animal that is orphaned, sick, or injured, PLEASE do the right thing and call a wildlife rehabber immediately! Not only is it illegal to keep native wildlife without a license, but they need proper care that a licensed rehab will have the experience and expertise to provide.”

Should you ever find an animal which you think is in distress, please contact us at 905-729-0033 or visit to find a wildlife centre closest to you.

Why Raising Orphaned Wildlife Should be left to Wildlife Rehabbers
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