Procyon Wildlife Centre Diverted Over 11 Tonnes Of Textile Waste From Landfills In 3 Years

In a press release issued by Black Ram Media Group Inc., it was announced that Procyon Wildlife Centre is being celebrated by family owned reclamation firm Textile Waste Diversion for diverting over 11 tonnes of textiles from landfill in three years.

Every September for the last three years, the wildlife rehabilitation centre has been participating in an annual fundraising campaign with the sustainable side effect of landfill diversion by collecting used clothing and other household textiles from the local community.

This program which runs during the month of September has many benefits:

  • provides much needed funds for Procyon Wildlife to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.
  • keeps items out of our landfills.
  • diverted items are repurposed; even ragged, torn and permanently stained items are accepted and shredded to be used in another capacity such as stuffing for toys or pillows.
  • every 1000 tonnes collected is estimated to create 7 direct and 15 indirect jobs.

To read the full article, please click on the link below:

Annual September Procyon Wildlife Textile Recycling Program a Huge Success!